Madison Area Paralegal Association (MAPA) is a non-profit organization affiliated with NALA - The Paralegal Association.  We are a strong group of paralegals, legal professionals, and students who live and work in Madison, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas.  MAPA's primary purposes are to provide educational opportunities for professional development and to promote the paralegal profession.

Message from the President:    

I am pleased and humbled to serve as MAPA’s president, thank you for your vote of confidence. The Executive Committee and I will endeavor to continue our Association’s 25+ years of service and educational support to the Madison metropolitan area and its members.  

As a local non-profit of more than 100 members strong, MAPA represents all facets of the legal community, from private industry practices, large on-the-square firms, small specialty law offices, to local, state, and federal government agencies; and as the legal industry continues to evolve, we strive to better our membership and help them respond to their changing environments through education, networking, and mentorship. 

Promoting education means a great deal to our Association, not just by offering luncheons and continuing legal education opportunities, but also by reaching out and extending a hand to our future members and contributors by awarding an annual scholarship.  MAPA will continue to provide nationally certified and on-topic learning opportunities to its members throughout the year. In addition, we will continue to encourage and support our members who seek to further their education to meet their individual and professional goals through the voluntary process of professional certification.

Reinvesting in our community through charity work and volunteer time is the foundation of a higher ethical and professional standard.  I will continue MAPA’s proud tradition of encouraging and supporting our members who participate with organizations such as the Small Claims Assistance Center, Joining Forces for Families, YWCA, Veteran's Law Center, and UW Law School Pro Bono Programs Department, among others.

Lastly, MAPA members are always encouraged, and appreciated, to become active with an Association committee, attend our educational luncheons, offer a mentorship, and join us at our numerous networking events. I hope to see you at one of these activities soon!

Christopher Niemcek, President 
Madison Area Paralegal Association 

News & Announcements

MAPA 2020 Student Scholarship Application

15 minutes could get you $470 plus a one-year membership with MAPA for 2020. Complete the application and return to MAPA before October 1, 2019, for your chance to win.
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MAPA’s First Restaurant Week Social was a success with 20 members out on the patio at Paisan’s. The company was great, the weather was sunny and the food was great.  Thanks to everyone who joined us!!

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Want to help a new paralegal? Consider becoming a mentor! Need help with career development from someone who's been there? Become a mentee. MAPA will match you, and you meet on your own terms.

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